Data Protection Training


DP4G is an initiative managed and animated by, a non-profit organisation registered in France (association loi 1901 n° W313021550) with the mission of promoting projects with actual or potential social impact. DP4G has been specifically created to help overcome the lack of knowledge regarding data protection in the humanitarian field and development sector.

DP4G Fundamental and Advanced training will:

  • provide you with basic/advanced know-how about data protection

  • show you how to apply technical skills to real field challenges, raise your awareness of DP and help you minimise data breaches

  • show you how to keep your most sensitive data safe

  • let you exchange ideas with participants on interesting experiences from the field.

Our trainings

Do you work in a small organisation helping the vulnerable in your community?

Do you work for a large international organisation delivering aid abroad?

These training courses will give you the tools to help others while better protecting your data and the privacy of your beneficiaries.

Data Protection for Good


Open course - 1.5-hour online session about basic skills for anybody working in the humanitarian and development sector.

Data Protection for Good


2 sessions (1 hour each) to acquire concrete tools for project managers in the humanitarian or development field.

Diverse experience

As IT experts, we know from first-hand experience how many digital risks and challenges are involved in the current fast-growing digital environment.

As humanitarian workers, we are aware of how quick and efficient you need to be to address specific needs in the field while struggling with several operational constraints.

Still, above all, we commit to protecting beneficiaries. That is why we want to share our 15 years of expertise in the humanitarian and development field as well as in the development of IT solutions to facilitate access to practical, applied data protection tools.

We want to make use of our knowledge, skills and experience and share it with YOU!

Our approach

  • Online, small group training

  • Trainers with a human, context-based and program-driven approach

  • Live exercises

  • Concrete tools and examples

  • Space for individual questions

Earn a badge

Holding the Badge DP4G Fundamentals/Advanced shows (employers) that you are conscious about the need for data protection and that you have acquired knowledge and skills to apply privacy compliance effectively in a fast-growing digital environment.


"Relief Applications provided a series of digital workshops for our staff to introduce the newly developed organizational data protection guideline and accompanying toolbox. The workshops have been very well received by all staff, since they were well organized, professionally facilitated, delivered in multiple languages (English, French and Spanish), and enabled participants to apply and use the tools Relief Applications developed."

Further voices from our participants...

"The trainers are experts and provide clear explanation regarding every content."

"Informative and concise."

"The training provides many real life examples that I can connect with my field of work and my personal experiences."

"It also allows for interaction and discussion with other participants which makes it fun and participatory."

"Excellent training."

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